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Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Made these last night for dinner and they were delicious!

Day 2 – round ?

I decided to start another whole30. This time I am shooting for whole60 or even 90. I have been great staying with it for 30 days but my re-introduction has been horrendous to say the least. I successfully made it thru Thanksgiving (Nov whole30) making compliant meals then fell right back into bad eating in December. I kept making excuses; I am sick, after vacation I will eat better, after New Years and then I was asked to wait until after my birthday.

I was asked by friends to start blogging again. Share my recipes, etc. I finally got an Instant Pot that I have been wanting for over a year now and been loving cooking with and experimenting converting recipes to it.

So here I am starting to rid the sugar out of my body again and get  back into running. Oh do I miss running but that knowing that first run is going to be miserable, keeps holding me back. I signed up for my longest run to date in August so that is giving me some motivation to get back into it.


Simple dinner on a busy day

We made lettuce taco wraps and instead of rice I had sweet potato/cauliflower rice. Was a great meal put together without a whole lot of prep. These steamed bags are a good alternative when I don’t have something prepared.

Summer salad

I enjoy a nice summer salad in the heat of the summer. Pair it up with my favorite whole30 approved dressing and it really hits the spot. When I did a whole30 3 years ago there were no easy to go to dressings. We made them ourselves. That mindset is still with me for most things. This line of dressings is an exception for me. Create from scratch so you know what’s going into your foods.

Starting week 2 (d8) of my whole30. I made it thru the kill all things phase and wasn’t as bad as the last two have been. Now if I only keep it up this time, I wouldn’t have those days. This w30 is really to concentrate on making better decisions and lifestyle changes.

Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai

Whole30 round 4

Whole30 round 4

After successfully completing a whole3o in May, my reintroduction failed. While stress is not an excuse I did not gradually re-introduce foods. I went right back to the way I was eating before. I have started another whole30 on Monday.

To share recipes and this journey with friends I have started this page up again.

No Luck with Paleo Deserts

I have been having no luck with Paleo desserts. Thankfully tried it before my friends thanksgiving, but Paleo pumpkin pie was a fail. The crust over cooked and filing was tasteless.

Tried pumpkin truffles on actual day while they were edible the filing could have been thicker. You needed to flip over the chocolate so the filing didn’t ooze out.

Yesterday, I tried lemon tarts. I knew looking at the recipe this would probably not work. There was no thickening agent. sure enough froze as suggested and took out and it was basically lemon juice.

So now I am zero for three.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Paleo Italian Almond Crusted Salmon

Having a craving for salmon, I went back to lists of recipes I wanted to try.  Italian Almond encrusted salmon was the go to tonight. Made a side caprese salad with balsamic and baked asparagus. At least my main course meals have been turning out amazing.


Slow Cooker Paleo Turkey Breast

I hosted a friends Thanksgiving. I will be posting the recipes in the next few posts. Overall everything turned out amazing.

The below turkey recipe in the crockpot turned out amazing.