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Overcoming Mental Barriers

Overcoming Mental Barriers

Yesterday, I ran the Ditka Dash 5k. For the first time I got over my mental hurdle of thinking I couldn’t do it, or needed to walk. I didn’t allow others pace to speed me up or slow me down. I just ran the race […]

Morning Treat without the Calories

I made one of my fall favorites this morning. I looked a few recipes and made my own pumpkin latte.  I didn’t measure so these are approximate measurements. I normally just add and taste a lot of my recipes.  I drink my coffee black so […]

Apple Sauce & Cider

I love the fall just as much as any one us, but being compliant with fall favorites can be tricky.  I was really craving cider so decided to make up a batch sans sugar. Apple sauce was the nice added bonus.

Food Donation for 100

One of my co-workers has been so inspired by my journey. While in discussion with her, she said we should celebrate my 100 pound weight loss marker. Not being big on a big ordeal, she came up with another idea. She volunteered to donate 100 […]